Royalty Line 3-Piece Marble Coating Frypan Set - RL-PM3 - Silver

Royalty Line 3-Piece Marble Coating Frypan Set - RL-PM3 - Silver

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Concept & Design
Since its foundation, Royalty Line has been focusing on providing advance concept and design of kitchen and household products to the world market.
Royalty Line has set to itself a target of offering its users the most Easy To Use, comfortable, durable and innovative products in today's highly competitive market.
Royalty Line focuses on supplying a wide variety of goods which cover most basic element of use in the kitchen and on the table of everyday users. Each item from its concept idea to the design construction is made to appeal and satisfy its users. Quality and precision are the two driving forces behind the brand.
Keeping up with world trends and the ever growing demand for High Quality, durable and eye catching products is Royalty Lines mission.
We believe that with precision in the kitchen we can reach the highest user satisfaction.
"Cook in to a whole new experience with Royalty Line "

Royalty Line Black Die cast aluminium cookware with Marble Non-Stick inner coating. This amazing pan allows you to cook almost all types of food. You can fry, grill, roast, bake and steam in it. Cook different types of food with less smell and mess.
Cooking is even healthier with the Royalty Line Marble Non-Stick surface that requires less fat and oil when cooking your food

3-Piece Marble Coating Fry Pan Set

Light & Durable
Forging and shaping aluminum with comprehensive forces creates very Light & Durable cookware which becomes excellent heat conductor between your food and fire. Cookwares thick base is for maximizing heat distribution and aluminum body for resisting corrosion effects.

Non-Stick surface requires less fat & oil in cooking process and it is easier to clean.

Soft Touch
Handles stay cool with a mixture of bakelite & silicone besides hot body of the product.

They are ergonomically designed to maximize comfort, stabilization and safety.

Fry Pan diameter 20
Fry Pan diameter 24
Fry Pan diameter 28

What's in the box
1 x Fry Pan 20cm
1 x Fry Pan 24cm
1 x Fry Pan 28cm