Royalty Line 24 Piece Marble Coating Knife Set - RL-MB24B - Black

Royalty Line 24 Piece Marble Coating Knife Set - RL-MB24B - Black

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Royalty Line Top-Rated Kitchen Knives!
For safe, durable, and quality blades that don't dull easily, our knife line is your ticket to cooking with ease. For food prep at home or in the commercial restaurant kitchen, our knife Set offers your home or business a complete set of kitchen knives and blades for all of your food prep needs. 
Easy-to-use and durable, this knife is made with tarnish-free and rust-resistant Stainless Steel that will stay sharp through many uses.


Product Description
24-Piece Non-Stick Stainless Steel knife Set

Prepare your food confidently with handles carefully crafted.

Each knife is made of conventional stainless steel blades with sharp edges, durable & Rust free body

24pcs knife Set
- 8-Chef knife 
- 6-Chopper 
- 9-Ham knife 
- 8-Bread knife 
- 7-Slicer knife 
- 6-Boning knife 
- 4.5-Cheese knife 
- 4.5-Pizza knife 
- 6-Meat Fork 
- 7-Sharpener 
- 6pcs 5- Steak Fork 
- 6pcs 5- Steak knife
- Chicken Scissors
-Kitchen Scissors

Use & Care Instructions

All Royalty Line knives, with different materials, can be washed in dishwashers. However Royalty Line recommends you to wash your knives by hand to prolong its lifetime. Dishwasher chemicals can give harm to your knifes blade and handle.
Please wash your knife by hand with warm water, washing-up liquid and soft cloth. Dry your knife after each cleaning.
Using your knife as a can opener or screw driver can damage its cutting edge. Please do not misuse your other than preparing food.
Please do not use your knife on hard surfaces like glass, metal or porcelain. These surfaces will dull your knife. Royalty Line recommends you to use wooden and plastic cutting boards.
Over time any knife will lose its sharpness with regular use. Please use Royalty Line Sharpener to sharpen your knife for optimum results