Royalty Line 14-piece Marble Coating Cookware Set - Red

Royalty Line 14-piece Marble Coating Cookware Set - Red

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Royalty Line 14-Piece Marble Coating Cookware Set

With this high-quality 14-piece marble cookware brand Royalty-line you will get years of enjoyment with sustainable design. Cooking with marble tiles is healthier. A standard pan with non-stick coating is made of the Teflon fabric and it contains the substance PFOA. This substance overheats and becomes bad for your health. With the marble tiles of Royalty Line, its not the case. These pans can tolerate a good heat so that the pans are durable and will not wear out quickly.
very less required in these pans. Moreover, the pans are easy to clean and safe with rubber grips on the handles, so burning your hands belongs to the past. The pans are suitable for cooking on gas, electric, ceramic hobs (halogen zone) and induction.

- Non-Stick Marble Coating
- Durable & Light Die Cast Body
- Anti-Bacterial

Detachable Pans Are Oven Safe Without Handle

Casserole Are Oven Safe Without Lid


Set Includes:
- Fry pan: 24 x 6.5 cm
- Fry pan: 28 x 6.5 cm
- Casserole: 28 x 14 cm with Glass Lid
- Casserole: 24 x 14 cm with Glass Lid
- Casserole: 20 x 10 cm with Glass Lid
- Casserole: 16 x 8 cm with Glass Lid
- 4x Silicone Handles

Note: The covers are NOT compatible with the dishwasher."