Royalty Line 34cm Marble Coating Roasting Pan - Black

Royalty Line 34cm Marble Coating Roasting Pan - Black

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Royalty Line Cookwares are designed to meet the culinary needs of the most demanding gourmet chefs. Its construction facilitates effortless cooking and first-class results, enabling even the kitchen novice to whip up meals with a gourmet flair that will delight the whole family. Whether a menu calls for sauteed pork medallions, a slow-cooked Manhattan chowder, or spicy sun-dried tomato sauce that simmers all day long, Royalty Line Cookware makes cooking it a joyful experience.

Discover the gourmet chef in you, and get ready to cook your best.

Non-stick Marble Coating
The glass lid contains Aroma Button
Durable and lightweight baking pan
Dishwasher safe
Constructed with High-quality materials
Tempered glass lid with a stainless steel edge
Steam hole in the lid

Size: 34cm
Color: Black